Dundee Face of Freedom 2014


Sunday the 16th of March 2014 saw another incredibly successful Dundee’s Face of Freedom 2014 Competition, in aid of Maggie’s Cancer Support. Run by Irving Miskell-Reid,his daughter Kezia and Pauline Brown (PR), the Face of Freedom Competition each year brings the people of Dundee together to raise awareness and funds for Maggie’s Centre. Every year Irving and Kezia put on a heartwarming and inspiring event that epitomises the care and support given by Maggie’s, and of course, by the community of Dundee. 2014 was no exception…


Irving and the Freedom Girls; Ruby Coyne with her Dreamland Vintage models; Hayley Scanlan and her Queens of Hearts; Dundee’s Face of Freedom Finalists.

Alongside raising money for the Maggie’s Centre, Dundee’s Face of Freedom is just as importantly a modelling competition. This year, 9 stunning models walked the Freedom Catwalk in fabulous outfits provided by Dundee-based designers, in hope of winning a modelling contract and status as Dundee’s Face of Freedom. The girls rocked the catwalk in pieces by Hayley Scanlan, Rosy Tuesday and Ruby Coyne’s Dreamland Vintage, while the boys kept it suave in JACK(et) blazers by Jill Skulina, and pieces generously provided by Debenhams. Spex Pistols of Westport provided eye candy for all the models who looked glam in Geek Chic. Backstage, the amazing Freedom Team, or as we call them “Irving’s Girls”, took on a laid back style in Face of Freedom Tshirts designed by Dundee’s own Mark Ireland, co-founder of Dundee brand The Dumb High. ‘Vogue’ is an understatement when describing the wonderful people involved in this iconic event. From backstage to the catwalk, everyone looked fresh to hit the front row of London Fashion Week.


The girls looking beautiful in outfits provided by Lucy Ryden at Rosy Tuesday, and Eye Candy from Spex Pistols.


The girls in Hayley Scanlan’s beautiful Queen of Hearts Collection, inspired by Mary Queen of Scotts and Hayley’s idol Debbie Harry; Runner up Darja sporting a beautiful vintage-style dress designed by Ruby Coyne at Dreamland Vintage; The boys Euan and Daniel sporting handmade blazers by Jill Skulina at JACK(et).

4While the models took to the stage, and walked these fabulous collections for the sold out audience, there was just as much entertainment happening backstage. While models and hair stylists rushed back and forth creating unique and fabulous looks for the models, Gordon Forbes and his Frameworks pop-up Studio stole the show backstage. Gordon captured fantastic snaps of everyone involved in the competition, whether it was the Maggie’s girls, the finalists or the stage hands, and with his attention to detail he made everyone feel like a superstar posing for Vanity Fair.


Backstage at DFOF14




Everyone wanted to be a part of this event – judges, makeup artists, dressers and coffee-getters, and with the support of our Dundee community the show was a huge success. With live performances from local Dundee bands Revolver and Model Aeroplanes, and a raffle bursting with fantastic prizes from Dundee artists, Jewellers and local businesses, there was no shortage of entertainment. Everything contributed to the raising of funds for Maggie’s Centre, which came within the region of £7000.

Saving the best for last, we must thank and congratulate the incredible people at Maggie’s. To see brave and beautiful men and women on stage and walking the Freedom Catwalk looking a million dollars, was utterly inspiring to all that attended the event. A special mention goes to Sarah Robertson who, despite her long silky hair being her pride and joy, had it cut by Irving on stage, in order to donate it to the Little Princesses Trust, who make real hair wigs for children who are suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy. Sarah, and every single one of the beautiful Maggie’s models stole the show and inspired each and every person there.



The Maggie’s Models looked stunning in outfits provided by Debenhams.

Dundee’s Face of Freedom really was a melting pot of everything that is wonderful in Dundee. A special thanks to Mike Press and Lynne Duffus for presenting the show and in turn shedding light on the positive flux that Dundee is currently in. Irving and Kezia once again brought together Dundee’s community in a celebration of creativity, a celebration of life, and a celebration of Dundee. As Irving said “It exposed everything great that has happened, and is happening creatively in our new Dundee.”


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